Terms and Conditions for bookings

  • To book with CARRICK QUADS a 50% deposit, per person, is required.
  • Combo Packages must be paid in full at time of booking.
  • Once the booking is made if you wish to cancel you must do so 48 hours before day of booking – failure to do so will result in the deposit being forfeit. Also, if a booking is made for a certain number of people, and a deposit paid on each place, if the numbers that arrive on the day for the booking are less than were booked (and required notice not given) the deposit for those that didn’t show will be forfeit.
  • We require that pre-booked groups/ parties and individuals turn up 20 at least 20 minutes prior to trek time to ensure we can get you all geared up!
  • No one under the influence of alcohol, or any medication / substances which will may affect their ability to operate the quads ,will be allowed to ride on a quad bike. Under no circumstances are alcoholic beverages allowed to be taken with on the trail. The onus is on the individual to turn up in a fit state not under the influence of alcohol or haven taken medication or substances which will affect their ability to operate the quads
  • We wish we didn’t have to have any terms and conditions but we have to ensure that we don’t turn away people based on bookings that don’t show up.
  • We hope you can appreciate our position in trying to ensure that we get everyone out and enjoying themselves with minimum inconvenience