Perfect your aim!
Time your shots!

A Thrilling Experience!
Clay pigeon shooting is a thrilling experience, demanding calm concentration, a keen eye and quick reactions. Perfect your aim, time your shots and soon you will be notching up your hits, always striving for that perfect shot.

Clay Pigeon Shooting can also be a great day out to entertain clients or reward staff. Everyone gets involved and it becomes great competitive fun, especially as most people have never handled a gun before. Training is given on the day – You are given 5 mins demonstration on how to use the gun safely!


We have a very strict gun control policy… If there is a gun around, we are to be in control of it! 

What we do

We cater for levels of shooting skills, from beginner to experienced. We take the hassle out of Clay Pigeon Shooting, providing all the necessary professional tools needed for a day’s shooting.

What we use

We use low-velocity cartridges, which give a low impact on the shoulder allowing better aim. Our Promatic Pigeon Automatic Clay trap shoots clays at a variety of speeds. All our guns are cleaned regularly to ensure safe operation at all times.

Feel the Adrenaline!

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