Quad / ATV Training

Lantra Approved Instructors

ATVs designed for sitting astride are incredibly versatile, equipped with various attachments like trailers, sprayers, and spreaders, making them a highly efficient and adaptable tool for businesses. Nonetheless, even skilled ATV riders might face hazardous situations, and lacking adequate training could lead to severe accidents.

Course Information

  • Course duration: 1 Day
  • Accredited by: LANTRA
  • Age Requirements: 16 years and up.
    Language: All candidates must have a good command of the English Language
  • Training Materials: All learning material will be provided to you for the duration of the course, and you will be registered for certification though our centre
  • Certification: Successful applicants will receive a Lantra ATV award in All Terrain Vehicle Operations which complies with the new ATV training (SI No 619 of 2021) in Ireland as of November 2023.
  • Who Should Attend: Anyone that uses an ATV for work purposes E.G Farms, Construction Sites, Road Maintenance, Forestry and other land-based industries.
  • PPE: All cantates should bring appropriate footwear, (Boots, Wellies) Helmet and weather gear as appropriate.

Learning objectives

      • Describe the functions and applications of all-terrain vehicles in various land-based industries.
      • Understand the legal obligations related to the use of all-terrain vehicles and associated equipment in both off-road and public road situations.
      • Explain the importance of operating all-terrain vehicles safely and efficiently to ensure stability on flat, rolling, and hilly terrains.
      • Interpret safety labels, controls, and instrument panels on all-terrain vehicles according to the specific work environment.
      • Perform standard pre-start checks as outlined in the operator’s manual.
      • Manoeuvre an all-terrain vehicle through a designated course in a controlled manner suitable for the terrain and surface conditions.
      • Preform a failed hill climb.
      • Operate an all-terrain vehicle proficiently while adhering to safety guidelines.
      • Effectively use an all-terrain vehicle with additional equipment.

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